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Join world-wide expedition leader Jason South and his team of elite guides as they travel throughout the entire state in search of the hottest fishing action. The team travels both inshore and offshore in pursuit of Florida's top sportfish. Each week features another adventure exploring one of the hundreds of unique fisheries in Florida. 

Show Host, Jason South

Jason has traveled the world over leading expeditions in search of the finest fish and game. His travels led him to 5 continents around the world experiencing hunting and fishing adventures that most can only dream of. After over a decade of extensive travels Jason has come to realize one thing, Florida is the "Fishing Capital of the World".

Season 10

The Florida Adventure Quest Team is proud to announce their tenth year of success on the water filming the action packed series. After exploring dozens of Florida's top fishing hot spots the team still feels they have not even covered half of the exciting fishing destinations. The search for more hidden gems and action packed fishing continues as the production of Season 11 begins. The adventure series is produced by Silver King Multimedia.

Florida Adventure Quest on WFN

Season 10 will be featured exclusively on WFN beginning fall of 2018.

Dates and air-times will be released soon! 


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